Baby Bonding classes are a special weekly session for parents to enjoy with their babies.

These are lovely relaxed sessions well-grounded in Attachment Theory and research, helping to deepen the bond between parent and baby.

Parents and babies can have fun and relax using easy activities, baby strokes, simple rhymes and lullabies

Warm, welcoming, small and informal groups are offered for:

Bumps (28+ weeks pregnancy) to Crawling

Crawling to Toddling



“I have learned how important it is to make time for play and I find the soothing techniques very helpful. Baby massage had become a regular part of our daily routine and we enjoy being close during this. The classes have made me realise the importance of giving my child one to one time and following her lead in play.” Mother of toddler.

“This class was a perfect time for me to spend time completely focused on my baby and set me up to focus on her more during the week. It’s easy forget the little things with the busy everyday things” Mother of newborn

“I have learned the importance of communicating frequently with my baby in a variety of ways and the benefits of baby massage and meditation” Mother of pre-crawler.

“I found the class very beneficial to both mum and baby, it is activity based in parts and reflective in others. Interactive, sociable and enjoyable” Mother of pre-crawler


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